Psychedelic Coach for High Performers

I help Entrepreneurs and Executives utilize Psychedelics to Expand their Self Awareness, Improve their Relationships & Grow their Business


Let’s look at what’s REALLY going on with you, your relationships, and your business.


Let’s identify what’s not working and where your bottlenecks are.


Let’s recreate your constructs AND your nervous system so you, your relationships and your business can operate with ease

Are you looking for more? Out of life and your business? Ready to turn to the most powerful tools to do so?

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"You deserve a supportive and experienced guide as you explore yourself with these powerful tools."

I’ve spent years learning, studying and supporting people in Psychedelic Spaces.

there’s no need to unnecessarily struggle through the process.


Helping you find clarity.

With extensive experience and insight get the support you need to make the most of your experience for lasting results.

3 Simple Steps

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Establish Goals

Getting clear on exactly what you are trying to accomplish.

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Create a custom plan that is in line with your specific goals.



I have new perspectives now process my feelings and emotions in a new and improved way. I am now ask myself hard questions and am better able to help myself and work through things that come up for me. I am learning about myself everyday and am better equipped to manage feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. The retreat has everything to do with this. I am looking forward to attending another retreat and I cannot recommend enough that others give it a chance. It is empowering and was life changing for me.

Maces & Microdoses

One of a kind process to make the most of your Microdosing Protocol.

What it is

A structured 8 week process to help you emBODY Power and Confidence with the assistance of a Microdosing Protocol.

A somatic process that imprints and engrains power and confidence into your Breath, your Posture, and how you Walk


What you get

Journal to help you set your intentions, expand your awareness, and track your progress.

20+ hours of instructional videos weekly calls community of powerful MutherF*ckas


Why it will help

Being in ‘Alignment’ isn’t just reserved for esoteric thoughts and ideas. Alignment also includes physical alignment and Maces and Microdoses helps bring your Heart, Mind AND Body into both Literal and Metaphorical alignment.

So you can move forward in your life with clarity and ease.

Corbin Sellers

I’m Corbin and I LOVE exploring myself. There are few tools better for exploring one’s self than Psychedelics.

My Mission is to support people as they explore THEMselves with these powerful tools. So they can get the most of their experience and achieve their goals and intentions faster and easier.

Corbin Sellers smiling

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